Parsley – African Grey – 071219

Male carer.

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Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey - Congo
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Dorset
Gender Preference: Male


My name is Parsley, which I will remind you of in case you forget!

I prefer a man to be my main carer and will happily step up for them.
If you’re a lady, you’re out of luck!
I have a good vocabulary and will ask if you wanna tickle or to change your bum. I will also sometimes tell you to shut your mouth and did call my Safehouse mum something not very nice once….oooops!
I’m quite softly spoken so my Safehouse mum hasn’t managed to catch everything I say yet.
I also like to sing my own special song, it has something about people in it, but it’s my song and my secret haha!
I like to fly and will happily perch on a play stand or on the tv. Its a good thing they’ve made them thinner now, much better to stand on!

I love my food, especially pasta and cashews.
Sometimes I like my fruit and veggies, it just depends on which way the winds blowing that day.
Me and my Safehouse dad get along great and I will fly to where he is and climb all over him for a fuss.
I like to nibble his ears and preen his beard for him, he obviously can’t do it himself.

I’m told I’m a lovely boy and a pleasure to have about and that’s by the person I gave a nip to while she was changing my bowls!
Are you ready for a bromance with me?
I’m definitely worth it!

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African Grey – Congo

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