Tango – Senegal – 081219

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Senegal
Gender Preference: Male
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Devon


Hello, I am a dapper 29 year young, handsome bird looking for a forever home to share with the right person. I do prefer the company of men, no offence ladies, and will sit with you for as long as you will scratch my head. I may try and share your food, if it’s something I like.
I am not a noisy bird, but I do whistle and screech to get attention if I’m feeling left out. I also say “hello” in the sweetest voice!

I like going to bed around 7pm and having my 12 hours beauty sleep. I also like to have a couple of cat naps during the day, whether in/on my cage or on top of the curtain pole. I don’t mind if you have to go out. But, when you do have to leave me alone,  would you leave the radio on please and don’t leave me for too long (up to 4-5 hours maximum).

At present I live with 3 other birds and 2 dogs. I don’t bother with them and they leave me alone. As I have a very sharp beaky and know how to use it, it is best if I don’t live with children. I am free to go in and out of my cage as I like. I do not fly well but I am a determined little one and will get to where I want to be.

So how about it, are you male, experienced with little birds, with no young children and preferably with no other birds? If so please apply for me. Lots of love
Tango xx

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