Tiny – Greenwing Macaw – E13 & Charlie – B&G Macaw – 031123

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Macaw - Blue & Gold, Macaw - Green Wing
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Kent


Hello, everyone! Our names are Tiny and Charlie.

I’ll start by introducing myself, Tiny, the more confident beauty of the two. As you can see, I am the most beautiful Green Wing macaw you’ve ever laid eyes on. At 13 years old, I consider myself an adorable Diva. Snuggles are my absolute favorite, whether I’m perched on your lap, hiding in your hoodie, or attempting to sneak into your t-shirt. If you work from home, I’ll be your great support, ensuring you do everything correctly by sitting right there with you. I have a passion for dancing and singing, showcasing my classic side step moves to the tunes of my favorite band, Abba. Waving at you and any visitors that come into the house is a delightful pastime.

My safehouse Dad is my best friend, and while my safehouse Mum takes care of feeding and treats, I have a preference for hugs from men. Occasionally, I may throw a Diva moment tantrum if you don’t let me out, but with a face and feathers like mine, who can resist?

Now, let me pass the mic to Charlie…

Hey, everyone! I’m Charlie, a 25-year-old Blue and Gold beauty. Unlike my more extroverted roommate, I’m not as outgoing, but I do love people. Cuddles and head tickles with my safehouse Mum bring me joy, and I like to snuggle by tucking my head under her chin. My safehouse Dad can handle me too, although I’m not as fussy as Tiny. I prefer observing the world from a distance, whether sitting on my cage, the back of a chair, or a stand. Exploring the floor is another one of my hobbies.

Tiny and I share a special bond, though she occasionally annoys me with her youthful exuberance. We do everything together, from grooming and feeding each other to sleeping on the same perch. Our favorite treats are the more luxurious options—Pistachios and cashews.

Living with other birds and dogs doesn’t bother us, but Tiny can get a little jealous if Dad shows affection to someone else. We love little humans, constantly saying hello, but we haven’t been out of the cage when they are around. Little humans equal food, and we love food! We’ll remind you when we need a taste of your delicious treats.

Not much fazes us, not even the vacuum cleaner. An added bonus—we are both harness trained, though you’ll need to build up our confidence since it’s been a while since our last outing.

We’re easy-going birds, going to bed without complaints when covered and waking up when you uncover us. If you have plenty of time for us to be out, enough room for our massive cage, and enjoy snuggling, we’ll be the perfect match for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us.

Lots of Love, Charlie and (not so) Tiny xxx

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Macaw – Blue & Gold, Macaw – Green Wing

Comes With Cage