Simon – Orange Winged Amazon – 7210913

Hello, my name is Simon and I’m a cheeky Orange Winged Amazon. I’m looking for a fairly quiet home with maybe just one other bird as company.
I’m not really destructive but I do love a cardboard box to go in and make funny noises, or just a big bit of cardboard to chew on. I don’t really like young children; I tend to stay away from them.

When you let me out, if you don’t keep an eye on me, I will disappear. I love to go wandering around the house and like to chew on anything wooden given half a chance. I tend to walk everywhere rather than fly. I don’t step up but am slowly getting a bit more into the idea of it! I love a head scratch and I open my wings all the way out for you to spray me…whilst dunking my head in my drinking water and woofing like a dog!! Being an Amazon I can be noisy and sometimes when I am not happy, I can start to shout, but I do calm down. Like all birds I shout for my breakfast, and my tea. Once settled though I am quiet

Cage: Yes

Location: Dorchester

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