Birds and the law

Cites information

What is CITES

  • CITES is a multilateral treaty to protect endangered plants and animals which came into force in 1975. It forms a framework on which national legislation is based. CITES works by subjecting the trade in specimens of selected species to certain controls and licenses, which in the U.K. are managed by APHA (the Animal Plant and Health Agency).
  • Plants and animals on the CITES register are grouped into three appendices based on their endangered status, with Appendix 1 being those which are at the highest risk of extinction. Legislation exists to protect these species, and applies to species in their natural environment and those bred in captivity.

Cites Regulations

  • There are strict regulations around the trade of endangered species and this includes several species which are commonly breed and owned by people in the UK, such as African Greys and Scarlet Macaws. See below for a full list of parrots on the cites 1 appendix.
  • You must apply for a permit or certificate to import, export or re-export any animal or plant species, and their parts or derivatives, that are on the CITES list. This includes if you move CITES specimens between Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and the EU, and Great Britain and Northern Ireland (NI).
  • To sell a parrot listed on the CITES 1 appendix, you must have a Specimen Specific Certificate or apply for a Transaction Specific Certificate – even if that sale means the bird remains in the same country. More information here.

It is a criminal offence to use commercially

  • any specimen listed under annex A of the CITES list without a valid certificate
  • any specimen listed in annex B that has been imported illegally

You could get a prison sentence of up to 5 years or an unlimited fine.

CITES and Birdline

  • Current advice from APHA states that Birdline must apply for A10 certificates if we charge a foster fee for any birds who species are listed on the CITES 1 appendix. However, we do not believe that this should be required for a number of reasons, and have written to APHA to challenge this instruction.
  • In the meantime, where we have to apply for A10 certificates, we must unfortunately pass this cost onto the fosterer.

CITES 1 – Parrot list

Goffin Cockatoo14/12/2019
Red Vented Cockaoo11/06/1992
Salmon-crested Cockatoo, Moluccan Cockatoo18/01/1990
Lesser Sulpher Crested12/01/2005
Palm Cockatoo22/10/1987
Red-and-blue Lory16/02/1995
Ultramarine Lory, Ultramarine Lorikeet18/09/1997
Jacquot, Red-necked Parrot, Red-necked Amazon06/06/1981
Yellow-naped Amazon, Yellow-naped Parrot13/02/2003
Yellow-shouldered Amazon, Yellow-shouldered Parrot06/06/1981
Red-tailed Amazon, Red-tailed Parrot06/06/1981
Lilac-crowned Parrot, Lilac-crowned Amazon12/01/2005
Saint Vincent Amazon, St. vincent parrot,01/07/1975
Imperial Parrot, Imperial Amazon01/07/1975
Caribbean Amazon, Cuban Amazon, Cuban Parrot, Bahamas Parrot01/07/1975
Yellow-headed Parrot, Yellow-headed Amazon13/02/2003
Red-spectacled Amazon, Red-spectacled Parrot01/07/1975
Red-browed Parrot, Red-topped Amazon, Red-browed Amazon, Red-topped Parrot01/07/1975
Alder Parrot, Tucuman Parrot, Tucuman Amazon18/01/1990
St. lucia amazon, Saint Lucia Parrot01/07/1975
Vinaceous-breasted parrot / Amazon01/07/1975
Green-cheeked Parrot, Green-cheeked Amazon, Red-crowned Parrot, Red-crowned Amazon18/09/1997
Puerto Rican Parrot, Puerto Rican Amazon, Red-fronted Amazon01/07/1975
Glaucous Macaw22/10/1987
Hyacinth Macaw22/10/1987
Indigo Macaw, Lear’s Macaw22/10/1987
Buffon’s Macaw, Great Green Macaw01/08/1985
Blue-throated Macaw29/07/1983
Scarlet Macaw01/08/1985
Military Macaw22/10/1987
Red-fronted Macaw29/07/1983
Little Blue Macaw, Spix’s Macaw01/07/1975
Norfolk Parakeet, Norfolk Island Parakeet04/02/1977
Forbes’s Parakeet, Chatham Island Yellow-fronted Parakeet,01/07/1975
New Zealand Parakeet, Red-crowned Parakeet, Red-fronted Kakariki04/02/1977
Red-crowned Parakeet04/02/1977
Coxen’s Blue-browed Fig Parrot, Coxen’s Double-eyed Fig-Parrot,06/06/1981
Horned Parakeet19/07/2000
Golden Conure, Queen of Bavaria’s Conure, Golden Parakeet01/07/1975
Orange-bellied Parrot, Orange-bellied Parakeet01/07/1975
Yellow-eared Parrot, Yellow-eared Conure29/07/1983
Night Parrot01/07/1975
Ground Parrot, Ground Parakeet, Swamp Parakeet04/02/1977
Pileated Parrot, Red-capped Parrot01/07/1975
Blue-headed Macaw13/02/2003
Illiger’s Macaw, Blue-winged Macaw18/01/1990
Golden-shouldered Parrot01/07/1975
Hooded Parrot01/07/1975
Paradise Parrot, Beautiful Parakeet01/07/1975
Mauritius Ring-necked Parakeet, Mauritius Parakeet01/07/1975
African Grey02/01/2017
Blue-chested Parakeet, Red-eared Conure, Blue-throated Parakeet, Ochre-marked Parakeet01/07/1975
Thick-billed Parrot06/06/1981
Maroon-fronted Parrot06/06/1981