Bobby – 2360 & Nelson – 2369 – Amazons – Companion birds

Breed: Amazon - Orange Winged, Amazon - Red Lored
Bird Type: Companion
Comes With Cage: Yes
Gender Preference: Either
Country: Scotland
County: Lanarkshire
City/Town: Glasgow


Hello we are Bobby and Nelson,  two very attractive Amazons  in need of a loving forever home. Bobby is a 30 years old Orange Winged Amazon and Nelson is a 10 year old Red Lored Amazon. We have our own separate cages but are bonded and love each other and must stay together. Nelson, only has one foot, following an incident when he was young and still at the breeders. But that doesn’t stop him getting around at all.

We are doing great in our safehouse, we now get regular fruit and vegetables, which we love and is good for our health. We especially love mashed potato – that is the best ! Our feathers have really benefitted from a healthier diet too, which is just as well as we can’t use L’Oreal (even though were totally worth it). We love to be showered, and you will see every splendid colour in our wings when we stretch them out for a good soaking.

We enjoy watching the goings on of the safehouse family, and every so often Bobby will laugh at the dog who bumps into things as she is a bit old.  Nelson also laughs at the conversations the family have around me, often joining in and causing the family to laugh along with him. We are typical Amazons and are very vocal, we especially enjoy to have a wee yodel around lunchtime, to show our appreciation for our favourite meal of the day !

We had a difficult time in a previous house and as a result of that Bobby has no feathers on her belly as she plucked them out due to stress. She also started to pluck Nelson’s head too. Nelson didn’t seem to mind having a haircut, but our safehouse family are trying to persuade Bobby that she shouldn’t do it again.

In our previous home we were covered a lot and didn’t receive much human interaction, so we very much enjoy the attention we get now from our safehouse family. We like to get out of our cages together to wander about our surroundings and have a proper nosey, but because our safehouse family have a lot going on, we don’t get out as much as we would like, and need somewhere we can have lots of time out of our cages together. Bobby has been known to attack other birds and we really are only interested in each other and don’t need any other birdy company, because like the saying goes – two is company and three is a crowd! However, we would love to have a family to call our own to grow old with and flourish even more. Could that be you ? If so please apply for us.!


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Amazon – Orange Winged, Amazon – Red Lored

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Comes With Cage


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