Frankie & Bobo – African Greys – 070419 080419 – Companion birds


Requirements: Needs a quiet home with no young children

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Kent
City/Town: _


Hi there, I am Frankie and my friend is called Bobo.

We came into Birdline as our owner was rushed into hospital and I, Frankie was dying on the bottom of the cage. The neighbour caring for us called Birdline. I was rushed to the vets immediately. The vet was so worried for me and advised Birdline to collect my friend Bobo too. We spent 2 days in the vets being nebulised and crop fed. Our safehouse mum then collected us and took care of us, We had to be nebulised 4 times a day for 2 weeks. This was lowered to 2 times a day for a further week. We were then vet checked again and could now live without being nebulised. We couldn’t bear not see each other when we was being nebulised so although we are not a bonded pair, we would miss each others company and must stay together.

We both came out of terrible living conditions, the dust was awful in the home and we both absolutely stunk of smoke too. Our health has improved so much now. Unfortunately our owner died and we never went home.

My owner loved me dearly, I had only ever known him and I missed him dearly. I had been with him for 20 years. I soon got use to my new safehouse mummy and spent times snuggled in her neck so it made me not miss my daddy so much. My friend Bobo was never allowed out of his cage but I was out all the time. Bobo does the ambulance siren and my daddy’s old alarm. He is loud, bless him. Anyone who has called my safehouse mum on the telephone will have heard him. I on the other hand talk rather than make noises. My friend is not tame but will take head scratches, strokes on the back and beak kisses from my safehouse mum, he even regurgitates for her….disgusting! He just needs someone with patience.

Bobo needs more time and needs to learn to trust again, I couldn’t live without him so we come as a pair. Bobo can not fly and drops to the floor where he hasn’t been allowed out of his cage but because he is scared of hands, arms and perches, our safehouse mum gently puts a towel over him and returns him to his cage. He is not scared of this and is relaxed about it. I did get egg bound a few weeks ago and I now have an implant. My new home will have to keep an eye on this and have it redone if needed. I have my own UV lamp as I was low in calcium and had to be supplemented.

We will need a loving home where we can learn to trust people again especially my friend Bobo. We would not suit a busy house with young children as I do not know how we will be with them. Can you be my new Daddy or Mummy? Are you prepared to help my friend Bobo become confident again? If so please apply for us.

We will need to stay in Kent so my safehouse mum can help keep an eye on us as she knows us so well now. We both come with our own cages that Birdline kindly brought for us as ours were in such bad condition.

Look forward to meeting you soon. (Frankie)….and of course my friend, Bobo.

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African Grey

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