Bow – Blue Fronted Amazon – 2552

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Amazon - Blue Fronted
Gender Preference: Either
Country: England
County: Dorset
Comes With Cage: No
Requirements: Must be a child free home, Must be an experienced home


Hello, My name is Bow, I am a Blue Fronted Amazon about 18 years old. I am looking for an experienced home.

I am such a beautiful bird however I am not keen on hands or being handled. I am not an aviary bird as I do like to come over and talk with people through the cage bars, but sadly I do have a history of being overly defensive.

I am an admire from a distance kind of bird. I do not wish to be touched, handled, stroked or to step up. If you try this I will promptly let you know how I feel with a lunging warning. However, as my safehouse respects my boundaries and doesn’t push me, I don’t normally escalate to biting. However, I have been known to dive bomb my humans without warning. So I do need an experienced observant home.

Despite this, I do feel I am a good boy and will tell you so, I also say hello and will come over for a chat and laugh. I can have a bit of a loose tongue and drop an F bomb now and then, I think this is hilarious and laugh at myself when i say naughty words. I also say “Hello”, “Good boy”, “Woop woop” and blow lovely kisses !

I love fruit and veg and will happily take a nice nut treat from my safe house mum’s fingers. .
I like natural looking wood toys, a spray for a shower and interaction at a distance. Typically I am fine with bowl changes and paper changes. Although, more thorough cleaning the cage requires someone else to distract  me whilst safehouse mum is cleaning as this makes me nervous. I am more likely to back away, but I will defend myself and my home if i feel my boundaries have been compromised.

In time I may want more interaction, but this will take a lot of time and patients. I do live with other birds and we have a good chat and dance with the music. At the moment, I am not let out to interact with them, as this is deemed safest for me and them. .

A home with children would not be a good idea for me, as my defensive nature would not be helped with youngsters running around. However, I am not phased by a calm dog.. I currently have not shown a preference to men or women and have lived with both. Time out of the cage, is still something I need a confidence boost with. The cage door gets left open for me and it is up to me if I come out or not. Some days I just don’t feel like it. Food is used to get me back in at dinner time. I do like consistency and sticking to a time so I know what to expect.

I am not an easy bird, I do not wish to be handled but am happy to be talked to and be treated the same as any other bird you would have in the house, just without the hands and physical fuss. Due to me being nervous an aviary is probably not for me as I think I would feel too overwhelmed. Instead, I would love a big cage so I have lots of space should I not wish to come out.,

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Bird Type



Amazon – Blue Fronted

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Comes With Cage



Must be a child free home, Must be an experienced home