Billy – Orange Winged Amazon – 290315

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Amazon
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: Scotland
County: Stirlingshire
Gender Preference: Male


My name is Billy and I am approximately 15 – 20-year-old Amazon. My safehouse mum thinks I am actually a duck in disguise! I love water and bathing and showers and running taps. I even imitate sounds of water being poured into my dish!

Generally speaking, I am a calm and self-contained bird, who enjoys hanging out with my safehouse family for quiet quality time. Although I have brief noisy periods when I do loud contact calls a couple of times a day, I am mostly quiet. I do like to chatter away to myself and can say “clever bird” and “good boy”, and I love to whistle, imitate sounds especially when I am excited.

I am happy to live in a house with other pets especially birds. My best friend was another amazon, but sadly he died a while ago and I miss him very much. I ignore the cats who live in the house, but obviously I’m not allowed out the cage when they’re on the roam in the same room anyway.

I don’t mind being in my cage when I have plenty to look at and toys to play with. I love shredding cardboard and soft wooden toys. I always look at my reflection in anything shiny. Sometimes I like what I see so much that I have to whistle at the handsome bird looking back at me. I have great talent for percussion and love tapping my metal bowls with my beak and my foot, and I talk and whistle into them so I can hear them echo. I also enjoy playing out of my cage. Once I get to know you, I will come to you and let you scratch my head or sit on your shoulder and watch telly with you. I don’t step up, but I can be easily brought back to the cage or put into a carrier with tapping on one of his metal bowls or given a little treat.

I am a very acrobatic flyer, although not vert fit and I do get out of breath very easily. I’ve had a few health problems including coughing fits, vitamin A deficiency and low immunity – but I’ve been treated by an avian vet and am doing much better now. I must however continue receiving vitamin supplements. I enjoy healthy food with a variety of fresh fruit and veggies and I even like eating my pellets.

I have shown a strong preference for male humans. My safehouse dad is my absolute favourite, followed by the teenage boy. I’m indifferent to the ladies in the house and even occasionally puff up my feathers and fan my tail at them. As long as these warning signs aren’t ignored, I’m a good boy and don’t need to escalate the warnings to biting level.

Do you have space in your heart for a small bird with large personality? If you have male humans in your house and ideally another Amazon I could be friends with, it could be a marriage made in heaven!

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