Rosie – Triton Cockatoo – 010522

Male carer.

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Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Cockatoo - Triton
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Staffordshire
Gender Preference: Male


Hi, I’m Rosie the Triton Cockatoo!

I’m 21 years old and came into Birdline recently after my daddy passed away. Unfortunately the stress of that caused me to pluck my tummy, but my feathers are starting to grow back.

I’m looking for a man to love me as much as I will adore him. He may or may not come with a human lady friend, it won’t matter provided she understands when I’m in his company, he’s mine and that I can get quite possessive. That said, when I am in need a a neck scratch, any human within reach will suffice, I’m not picky and you all make good climbing frames.

When I get to know my new dad, I’ll be silly-tame, you can pick me up, I love cuddles and neck rubs, I’ll pick the “sleep” from your eye if you’ve not washed properly – can’t be seen with a dirty human. Which reminds me, I’m harness trained and like nothing better than going for long walks in the country with my humans. I’ll say “hello” to anyone in ear shot, and then repeat myself a little louder if you don’t hear me. I enjoy dancing, bopping around and headbanging to music, especially if you will join in with me!

I currently live with a dog who is scared of me because I can be loud! And an aviary full of little birdies – I love their company although I’m a lot bigger than them and so I must keep my distance.

I can be very noisy if I don’t get the attention I need, I can shout and scream really loudly and so you’ll either need to be around to pay me some attention, or have very understanding neighbours. My safehouse dad has heard me half a mile away on a good day.

But if you can commit to giving me a home and paying me attention, I will be the sweetest cuddliest cockatoo you could ever want to meet.

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Cockatoo – Triton

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