Charlie & Tommy – Bare Eyed & Goffin Cockatoos – 2270512 – Companion birds

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Cockatoo - Bare Eyed, Cockatoo - Goffin
Comes With Cage: Yes
Gender Preference: _
Country: England
County: Devon
City/Town: _


Hi there! I’m Charlie, a Bare-Eyed Cockatoo. I live next to my neighbor and longtime friend Tommy who’s a Goffin Cockatoo.

As you can see, Tommy has a little plucking habit with his chest feathers, but he’s still gorgeous and I love living next door to him. We’re both used to being out of our cages all day. We have a bird safe room to ourselves here, so even when our safehouse mum is at work we don’t have to be in our cages. We’re used to this kind of freedom now, so we’d love to find a home with a similar situation. If you can not give us a room where we can have free roaming then we will happily share your room, but you will need to be there with us all day to ensure our safety, as we have a fondness for things that we shouldn’t bite! We’re both on a seed diet, but will eat some fresh fruit and veg, especially if it comes off your dinner plate. We love to share mealtimes with you. Food is much better if shared with Cockatoo, I understand! I love my mirror. I use it for anger management when I occasionally feel my temper flaring up. Tommy loves to play with his foot toys. He also loves some nice cardboard to chew and shred. If you really want to make him happy you can hide some cashew nuts so he can forage for them. I’m really a man’s bird, but Tommy is okay with men or women, but does have a preference for women. Therefore ideally we would like to be rehomed in a home with a man and a woman who are home all the time. We are Cockatoos and we can be unpredictable. We also like to be bosses of the house and don’t like to be told what to do. We need a very experienced home with confident people who know exactly what they are taking on, and won’t give up on us when we assert our authority! If you feel you have the necessary qualifications then please apply.

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Cockatoo – Bare Eyed, Cockatoo – Goffin

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