Mac aka Georgie – African Grey – 3740513

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: Scotland
County: Inverness
Gender Preference: Either


Greetings, I am Georgie,

My disposition is characterized by calmness and an openness to new experiences. One of my most endearing quality is to exclaim “wooo” in an enchanting tone when presented with something novel. My entertainment repertoire includes whistling delightful tunes and showcasing my dancing prowess. Despite my youthful spirit, I’ve reached the ripe age of 13 years, proving that age is just a number when it comes to my playful nature.

I’m an adventurous bird and will follow you around. I thoroughly enjoy exploring the floor and possess impressive climbing skills, I navigate ropes like a seasoned acrobat. At times, I like to perch high above everyone for a spot of preening or even resting with one leg poised gracefully in the air. On occasion, I’ll surprise you by joining you on a chair and meowing like a cat

Regrettably, my flying prowess has waned due to a lack of exercise over the years. However, with consistent opportunities for physical activity, who knows what heights I could reach in the future? Having been confined to my cage for extended periods in the past, I’ve developed a sense of territoriality and may occasionally guard my domain. If you ever need to coax me back into my cage, a tempting treat should do the trick.

While I thoroughly enjoy head scratches, I haven’t yet mastered the art of stepping up. With some patient guidance and step-by-step training, I believe I could become a pro at it. My heart is set on being friendly, but I’m still learning the ropes, so understanding and patience will be greatly appreciated. There may be an occasional nip if I’m feeling uncertain.

I’m not prone to destructive behaviour, but like all parrots, I do enjoy the occasional chew. My preferred toys include wooden, rope, and cardboard varieties. I revel in the delight of a refreshing bath or invigorating shower. As for my diet, I have a diverse palate, savouring seeds, fruits, vegetables, corn on the cob, with grapes ranking as my absolute favourite.

I don’t appear to be scared of cats and dogs, but I know my boundaries and assertively say “no” when they approach my cage. However, I have exhibited some aggression towards fellow feathered friends in the past and for this reason it would be best if I was an only bird.

I cherish being in close proximity to my human companions, however I’m also fine to be left on my own for periods of time. I’m equally comfortable in the company of both men and women.

My Safehouse Mum thinks I will thrive in a home where I can bask in undivided attention, making me an excellent fit for a household without young children or other birds. I come with a spacious cage, a convenient travel cage and an assortment of toys and perches. If you’re ready to embark on a journey of training and companionship, please consider opening your heart and home to me. Together, we’ll unlock a world of exploration, adventure, and endearing moments that only a parrot like me can offer.

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African Grey

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