Casper – Ducorps Cockatoo – DK42

Female carer

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Cockatoo - Ducorps
Comes With Cage: No
Country: England
County: Sussex
Gender Preference: Female


Hello, my name is Casper, I am a 19 year old Ducorps Cockatoo.

I am a lovely bird and such a tart with men and women but especially women and am looking for a home with a female primary carer. I love to cuddle, snuggle up, sing (or in my case hum), and dance! I do chat away and say, “Hello Casper”, “Who’s a good boy”, “Are you a good boy”, laugh and give kisses. I am a very special boy with heaps of character and will keep everyone entertained all day.

I am a very sociable parrot and will happily fly or jump on a newbie for some love, cuddles, kisses and a show off dance. I am pretty confident and will often make a bee line for those who do not wish to have a bird on their shoulder Hehe! However, I am not keen on young children or dogs.

I love being out of the cage and am not keen on being shut away as I was previously shut in for far too long. If you don’t let me out then I will undo the cage bolts and let myself out!  When out I will for the most part, chill on top of my cage or on the ropes that go across the room and be a good boy. As I do behave so well when loose my safe house mum doesn’t mind me being out all the time. However, I will put myself in for food as and when I want to go inside. I have a great appetite and love eating my fruit and veggies as well as my seeds.

I do not like the idea at all of a harness and no one is going to change that. I also don’t like bright colour’s especially red and will panic to get away. I prefer to bathe in my water bowl rather than have a spray.

As cockatoo’s go, I’m one of the more easy-going birds but I still have the ability to blast out a few screams. I have lived with at least 1 other bird for over 10 years and I do like the company, but do not wish to be too close so I will just fly to another spot if I don’t feel comfortable.

I do have my own TicTok account : casperthedancingducorps of some old videos of me getting my groove on – so please go check these out.

I am looking for a foster mum, I am happy to share her with someone and be polite to family but I want a mum as main carer.

My perfect new home would have a bird room with at least one other feathered baby who, like me wants the company but is happy in their own space. We would have ropes, swings and toys to play with and as much out time as possible. A bird room would be safer for me as I am an escape artist and unbolt bowl feeders and doors, so if there are cats and /or dogs in the same home with access to the area I’m in then this would not be safe for me. It is super important for me to have most of the day out otherwise I will stress and scream due to previously (before Birdline) being left in for long periods of time. Now I have my freedom I am super keen to keep it!

Love Casper xxxx

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Cockatoo – Ducorps

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