Chalky – African Grey – W13

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Requirements: A quiet home for this shy boy to explore at his own pace

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Dorset
City/Town: Wareham


Hello, my name is Chalky and I am a stunning African Grey.

I arrived with my Safehouse Mum with little history but obviously well cared for. I am non-gender specific, but Ma calls me her boy. I’ve no idea how old I am but I am an adult. I pluck a bit, but I am so pretty- I do not have any bald bits and I am growing out of that now. I am a bit more confident anyway.

I am super chatty and a brilliant mimic. I have a huge vocabulary and sing my heart out- but I am not loud. In the morning I do the dawn chorus, and, in the evening, I make owl noises. In between I will chat, wolf whistle, sing and sadly make loud farty noises which the charming kids here taught me.

In my safehouse there are kids and dogs. I like watching them and copying their sounds, but I am not keen on coming out of my nice safe cage when everyone is around. Ma thinks I would be better off with a quiet person or couple. I do not mind if they have dogs, but I would like to come out and explore in my own time whilst the dogs are put away.
I have my own, large (if a little shabby!) cage which I love. Please do not cover me, I do not like it. I will not step up as hands are scary but please do give me head scratches through the cage, so it is safe for me. Ma thinks in time I’ll be quite a little snuggler- she can see I want to, but I’m just scared.

If I’m honest, Ma wants to keep me, but she seems like a decent sort who knows I’ll do better in a quieter house with fewer comings and goings. I am so entertaining, so if you are you a bit lonely and in need of some laughs? I will certainly provide them in exchange for a chat and some love.
Cage: Yes
Location: Wareham, Dorset.

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African Grey

Comes With Cage