Charlie – Red Lored Amazon – 530416

Requirements: Male only household required

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Amazon - Red Lored
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: Scotland


Summary: Hello everyone! I’m Charlie, a beautiful 19 year-old Red-Lored Amazon looking for my perfect man.

I love life and when I’m around men I’m a real sweetie. Unfortunately, my dark side comes out when I’m around the ladies and I can be quite aggressive with them, so please only apply for me if you have a male-only household.

Now, if you do happen to be male, I won’t mind if you’re 16 or 90, I will be your best friend! I’ll sit on your shoulder and keep you company no matter what you’re doing. I’m a calm guy and would love to hang out with you whether you’re watching tv or cooking in the kitchen. You’ll never be lonely with me around.

About 9 years ago I was ill with a breathing problem. Since then my diet has improved (I’m on Harrison’s pellets) and I’ve had no problems. I really need to be kept on Harrison’s to make sure I stay nice and healthy. I’m a bit picky with fruit and veg, but I do love apple every day. I like to be out of my cage as much as possible. I’m a great flyer and will soar through the house to find you.

I don’t mind dogs and I’m fine with other birds as long as they stay off my cage. I’m very happy to be handled (if you’re a man, of course) and I LOVE to be tickled under my neck. My tail will fan and my eyes will pin for you! I’m not a very noisy fellow. I’m basically a very happy easy going chap. My safehouse mum puts toys in my cage, but I don’t really play with them if my humans are home. I prefer to be on my safehouse dad’s shoulder where I’m happy. He says he’s going to miss me loads when I go, but I really need to find my forever home now. So, if you’re a man and you’re home a lot of the day, I could just be the perfect bird for you. I come with a cage, but it’s a bit old now and I could use an update. So, what do you say? Could you be the one for me? I’d love to meet you!

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Amazon – Red Lored

Comes With Cage