Jango – Congo African Grey – 2940513

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey - Congo
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Devon
City/Town: Torquay
Gender Preference: Either


Hi, my name is Jango – it’s a very cool name and I like to call it out in a beautiful sing song voice for your enjoyment.

I am a calm and easy-going  boy but, I will bite you if you don’t pay attention to my warning signs, because I don’t have the vocabulary to tell you when I don’t like something. It’s pretty easy to see when I might bite and completely unavoidable. Oh, and don’t offer me food I am not in the mood for twice!

I’m about 24 years old and during my life time I’ve learnt to say a lots of words (over 200) and sentences, my safe house Mum and Dad tell me I am super smart. Especially when I recite the alphabet! However, I might not be so good with younger children, as I do know some naughty words, but not too many and I try to be a good boy and not say them very often.

I am very happy being left to my own devices (with supervision of course, I am a toddler with wings-forever) and will happily watch what you are doing and make you smile with the many lovely tunes I know how to whistle. I like to come around the house with you and keep you company while you are doing jobs, I am great company and will always say “goodbye” or “see you later” when we part.

When I feel comfortable with you, I will show you my amazing dance moves, we can dance together and you can learn a thing or two from me.

When it’s bedtime I will let you know that I want to go to bed by saying “night night” “see you in the morning”. When I say this, please cover me up as I do get grumpy if I don’t get my sleepy time. My safehouse Dad is an early bird (unlike me) and sometimes when he gets up early, I will tell him to “ssshh” and that I’ll see him in the morning! Despite the rude awakenings my safehouse Dad is becoming my favourite person – and I didn’t even like men before I came here !

I am looking for a home with either a family with older children or a couple or single person that will give me lots of chilled free time and things to interact with. I like to forage for my food, it’s such fun! In return I will be your best friend and may even let you tickle my head if I really like you. However, you do have to be patient getting to know me. I promise I won’t bite you (much) if you promise to not rush me into being your friend.

Love Jango xxx


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African Grey – Congo

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