Jimmy – Orange Winged Amazon – 1660314 – Companion bird

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Amazon - Orange Winged
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Sussex


Hello, my name is Jimmy. I am an orange fronted Amazon. I love being part of a family and spending time with people. Through no fault of my own I’ve had a few homes now and I’d really like to find my forever home.

I am very bright and, although I don’t have a wide repetoire I’m learning new noises and whistles all the time, and I know that if I need something I just need to whistle nicely. Fruit is my favourite treat but I also like toast and egg. I like to come out of my cage and fly around but please don’t have any spare cables lying around as I find them irresistible. I come complete with my own home (cage to you) and when inside it play with my string toy. I also like to have cardboard boxes and twigs which I sculpt into creations of beauty.

I’m very friendly and like to sit on the sofa whilst my family chat, watch TV or facetime their friends. Whilst I’m not scared of people at all, I am a bit wary of hands (unless they have treats in them!) and haven’t learned to step up onto arms just yet.

I like my routine and need at least 11 hours sleep a night, otherwise I can get a bit grumpy and loud. I’m responsive to my environment and if my family get stressed, so do I. What I like most is a window where I can see other birds and watch the world go by. I have lived with other birds before and I miss birdy company – so I would love a parrot friend to hang out with and chat too.

I’m looking for a home which will enjoy having a very bright bird with lots of character, will spend time every day engaging with me, teach me more new sounds and let me sit with them in the evening.

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Amazon – Orange Winged

Comes With Cage