Milo – Patagonian Conure – SW4

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Conure - Patagonian
Comes With Cage: Yes
Gender Preference: _
Country: Scotland
County: Lanarkshire
City/Town: _


Hi, I’m Milo, a Patagonian Conure looking for a home where I can settle down and learn to trust.

I’ve had a lot of upheaval in my life lately and have moved home quite a bit, so what I really need is someone who has time and patience to build a relationship with me. I am afraid I am not great with other birds. I tend to try and dominate them and this doesn’t go down very well with them. You can’t really have me out of the cage with other birds as one or other of us may get hurt. For this reason it is probably best if I am an ‘only bird’.

I will need a home with a female carer. I prefer women and don’t get on so well with men and children. I am not very friendly towards humans in general at the moment, but do seem to respond better to women.

Patagonian Conures are loud birds in general, and I’m no exception, so you’ll have to be someone who can take me as I am and won’t mind a bit of a racket. Understanding neighbours are also a must! I like to listen to music and will even do some dancing if you’re up for it!

I really hope there’s someone out there who can see my beauty and work with me to become the trusting and loving companion I know I can be. If you think you might be the lady for me, please apply. I can’t wait to get a new start in life.

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Conure – Patagonian

Comes With Cage


Gender Preference