Paco (Paco-Belle) – Alexandrine – 090820

Bird Type: Aviary, Companion
Breed: Alexandrine Parakeet
Gender Preference: Either


Hello, my name is Paco however I like to be called Paco-Belle, I am a 3 year old female Alexandrine and if I do say so myself “I am beautiful” but I have pulled at my wing feathers.

I am not very tame, however I will take treats from you once I get to know you. I do like my own space and I am quite happy to play on my own. I would benefit from an experienced applicant and I have no preference between a man or a woman. I hope in time someone will be able to give me the love I need. I do like a good fly around for exercise and I love sitting at the window. I am used to having the freedom of the room I spend most of my time chilling in.

I am a good eater – apples and chilli are my favourite and I love a nice piece of toast.

Are you willing to build me an aviary? Or happy to take me on and let me be a bird? Who knows in time, I may even let you touch me?
Please apply for me. Love Paco.

Additional information

Bird Type

Aviary, Companion


Alexandrine Parakeet

Gender Preference