Romeo and Juliet – Lovebirds – 010922

Bird Type: Aviary
Breed: Lovebird - Fischer's
Comes With Cage: No
Country: England
County: London


Hello! We are a pair of bonded Fischer’s Love Birds, who are approximately a year old. Our safe house mum has called us Romeo and Juliet but we are not used to having names so you can call us whatever you like!

We lived with an elderly gentleman who let us have the run of his apartment, but didn’t interact with us very much. We have been given a cage at our safe house but we are not quite sure what it is for, although it does seem to be where our yummy seed is put so we do eat in there. Perhaps we will get used to the cage with time but at the moment we prefer to roost on the shelf so we can keep an eye on everything. When the lights are turned out we snuggle up to each other and we are quiet until morning.

We don’t mind you humans, and we like to keep an eye on what you are up to. But we are not very tame, as we have each other and that is enough. Because of that we will understand if you are busy and have to go out sometimes – don’t worry about us, we will keep each other company till you get home. If you do decide to give us a home we do promise to keep you entertained with our antics and our beautiful colours though, and in time we may learn to trust you more.

We would love to have our own aviary or bird room but we are not sure if we could share with other birds as we haven’t tried that yet.

Does your life need some added colour and fun? If so we’re your birds!


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Lovebird – Fischer's

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