Doris – Budgie – 030420 – Aviary Bird

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Requirements: Aviary

Bird Type: Aviary
Breed: Budgie
Comes With Cage: No
Country: England
County: Kent
City/Town: _

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Hi, my name is Doris and I am a small but beautiful Budgie. I was found during lockdown so my safehouse called me Doris as it rhymed with Boris.

I am looking for an aviary where I can live with other budgies but not have to be handled every day by humans. I do not mind humans talking to me, but I just want to be a bird and fly. My safehouse says I am a very good flyer and I think it is funny as she cannot catch me as I am too quick for her. I have been told I am a small Budgie, but I am perfectly formed and have a lovely blue colour to me. I am living with a few other budgies now, but they are all tame and like to be out with the humans. My safehouse mum gives me fresh food every day and I like the variety of herbs she puts in the cage for me.

Have you got room for me in your aviary? I promise I will be good and will make friends with your other Budgies.

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