Whybird – White Fronted Amazon – 3510816

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Amazon - White Fronted
Comes With Cage: Yes
Gender Preference: Male
Country: England
County: Bristol
City/Town: _


Hello, my name is Whybird, I am a beautiful White Fronted Amazon.

Like all Amazons. I can be very vocal, especially when I am excited. I do not really like to be handled but when I learn to trust you, I will fly to you and will step up. I am ok with females, but I really prefer men, so a male carer will be ideal. I am used to having my cage opened and flying to my play stand in the morning when it is my breakfast time. You know what birds are like, stomachs always come first.

My cage is open most of the day so I can please myself how I come and go. I like my own space and like to fly around the house. It’s not a problem to get me back into my cage of an evening. Once I’ve let my humans chase me around the house for a while I’ll happily go into my cage to give them a rest hehehe !

My cage is my sanctuary and I can be territorial when I am in it, so please mind your fingers! I do like the African Grey here and try to make friends with him, but he is not interested. I am used to having someone around most of the day, so it would be nice for me if there is a man around who maybe works from home.

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Amazon – White Fronted

Comes With Cage


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