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Hi my name is DiDi. I’m about 20 years old and I am a female umbrella cockatoo. I am utterly adorable and my mum’s magic snuggler. We are both disabled you see, I can’t walk or fly and I have a brain lesion which gives me the shakes. I also have regular prolapses, which my mum deals with, or if they are bad we go to the vet. That all suits my mum just fine, as she has trouble walking and is ill too, so we sit on the sofa and binge Netflix together.

I love shredding Argos catalogues and boxes, and my mum tucks me down her front to take me around the house. I say “hello” a lot, but it means a hundred different things. I also tell you I’m a gorgeous girl when I want a cuddle, irresistible!

I don’t need much, I do love shredding toys though. I need the vet once a year for blood tests or if I have a bad prolapse, and have Metacam and Phenobarbital daily. I’m a really good girl and take my medicine with no trouble at all.

If you would like to sponsor me that would be lovely, and would help me live my best life.