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Kuku has long term problems caused by the trauma she suffered early in life. The family she originally came from were not deliberately cruel, but they didn’t know how to provide the exotic flock creature the lifestyle needed to keep her healthy and happy. She came to Birdline when they finally realised she deserved a better life then they could offer. Sadly dozens of birds like Kuku are admitted into Birdline every year.

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Kuku came from a loving family home. However, she was left alone for long periods of time because her family worked long hours.

This is such an alien lifestyle for a sociable flock creature that Kuku became very stressed and lonely and began to self harm. She plucked and plucked at her feathers until she damaged the feather follicles, then she started on her skin and mutilated that too.

When she first came into Birdline she was rushed to the emergency vet more than once as her health was so poor. Even now that Kuku is in a better environment, the plucking habit remains and she has to wear a collar to stop her reaching her feathers. She still needs regular vet checkups to make sure she is a healthy weight and remains well.

Kuku is doing much better now, she is settled in a new foster home. She really enjoys spending time with her humans and especially loves single and dancing and  cuddle time with her favourite person. However, she will need regular vet checkups for the forseeable future to make sure she is a healthy weight and remains well.

Kuku, African Grey wearing a collar to prevent plucking

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