Amber and Ken – Eclectus – 011121/B0001

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Eclectus
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Sussex
Gender Preference: Female
Requirements: Close proximity to an Avian Vet.


Hello, My name is Ken or Ken Ken as I call myself and my beautiful girlfriend is Amber. We are a young male and female pair of Eclectus’. We have been in our safe house for a while as we came into Birdline with a few issues when our Dad became ill. In this time, we have grown a lot both in character and confidence.

Amber is one of our sponsor birds that has previously suffered with Aspergillosis, egg binding and a minor heart murmur, however don’t let this put you off, she is a strong-willed fighter with a twist of attitude. Medication has been given and an implant keeps the eggs at bay. Because of this, you must be able to drive and live in convenient distance of an avian vet.

We both love out time, I am more confident than Amber is, I can fly and love hanging out on the ropes in the birdroom. Whereas, Amber likes to walk on the floor and climb up to the ropes and branches. We both love our fruit and veg and sometimes I am a real gent and will get food and take it to Amber for her to eat. I like sharing with her but she’s not as generous.

Amber isn’t keen on being handled much and will happily entertain herself, I used to be quite nervous but I’m now a Velcro birdy, to the point that it can actually be difficult to remove me from my safe house mum. I now like my cheeks being tickled, strokes and kisses and I come when I’m called. I like sitting on her shoulder, head, arm, hanging onto her hair – anything for attention really! I really like being involved with washing up and other house chores – anything to be involved. It’s actually easier to shut me away when cleaning my cage, as I like to be involved and ‘help’…. although I am told I’m not actually helping!
Amber doesn’t talk but will let out a blast in the mornings or if a visitor comes to the door. I talk a lot and say ‘Hello”, “Hello Ken Ken”, “Hello ba ba birdy”, “Come on”, “Good Boy”, “What Ya Doing?”, “God save the Queen” and more. I also make kissing noises.

We need a home with at least one female as I have bonded to a female carer, in time I maybe more confident to be handled by others. I am unsure of new people to begin with so I need someone who can be patient to build that trust. Amber isn’t bothered either way, she will take treats from anyone but isn’t keen to be handled, she comes out as and when she pleases and goes back in for food. I love to be out and am not destructive so I am allowed free run of the bird room currently. We share a double cage which we will come with, this gives us the space to be together or get away from each other… You know how relationships can be haha. The space required for this large cage needs to be taken into consideration. We are not dusty birds and will give hours of entertainment.

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Close proximity to an Avian Vet.