Angus – African Grey – 710114

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Requirements: Needs a male primary carer and a quiet home with the patience to let this shy boy come out of his shell in his own time.

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Somerset
City/Town: Wellington


Hello, my name is Angus I am about 28 years old but am not Entirely sure.

I love to listen to music and sing and dance. I love to spend time out of my cage and will only go in if you entice me in with food.

I am a very good looking boy and in fine feather. I can speak, but because I’m shy I haven’t said a lot of words yet. Maybe with the right person I will step up on you. I have never bitten my safehouse mum or safehouse dad, I just step back from my mum if I don’t want her to touch me. I do prefer men and will sit on my safehouse dad’s knee but you need to wait for me to come over to you.

When my mum and dad go out they always leave the tv on for me and my other safehouse bird who shares our home. We do like to talk to each other so a home with another bird will be great.

I really hope someone will give me a chance and help me find my forever home. I will be very good and I learn new things everyday. I can be loud at times but this is very rare.

Thank you for reading ,my write up, love Angus

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African Grey

Comes With Cage