Charlie – African Grey – 1281117

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Dorset


Hey ! My Name is Charlie, I am an African Grey and I am around 20 years old, give or take a few.

My previous owners have recently not had enough time for me due to work and only thought it was fair on me to find me someone new to play with and talk to that has more time for me. I have been in my safe house for around two weeks, it was a little scary at first but my safe house dad is great, I love to just be near people even if I am in my cage, which is very lovely by the way.

I will step up every time for my safe house Dad now but when I first got here I wasn’t sure, I took about a week to realise he wasn’t so scary after all. He is currently trying to show me that water isn’t so scary either, I spend some time training in the shower room with it running and that’s ok but I just can’t bring myself to like the water on me, he has tried a spray bottle but I didn’t like this at all. The dish in the bottom of my cage is ok to look at I guess but I have not gone in it yet.

I was a little jumpy when I got to my new safe house so things had to be slow for me, I mean it is a big deal this moving right?? I have let my Safe house dad gave me tickles on my head for about 15 mins the other night, it was great but he seemed to enjoy it a lot so I’ll make him wait until next time.

I’m currently eating some very yummy pellets, which are just as good as my seed mix I was eating, but they are just for treating now, wasn’t so hard to give those up actually, it’s the fruit and veg I am a bit on the fence about, I mean I love peas!!!!!! but anything else I can take or leave really. But he still puts all this new stuff in my bowl for me to try anyway.

I love my play time with my safe house dad and my he loves it too, I like to fly over to him and land on the kitchen counter while he is washing up and just watch him, he said I could have even stayed here forever if it wasn’t for the other humans stupid cat, I mean I haven’t even spoken to her but she is really scared of me when I talk away to myself, which is ironic really!! She is a cat. I’m not bothered by her at all though, so it is a shame. Cats……. (eye rolls) Am I right??

(Note from safehouse). From what I can see Charlie has been cared for so well in his previous home, he is fully flighted and his feathers are stunning, he likes his out of cage time but I do make sure he has some time in his cage to occupy himself. I have had no issues with him what so ever. He is slightly timid/cautious of anything and likes people being gentle and giving him some time to adjust. He has only been here two weeks and I have fallen in love with him, as Charlie said above, my partner’s cat is a wimp and isn’t adjusting so well, or I would want to snap him straight up.

He is stepping up every time for me now, he was a little shy for the first week but even offers his foot to me if HE wants to step up. This can easily be turned into a wave trick and I have started this process too. Showering for him seems to be a problem, but we are getting him less and less scared of the running water so he will be showering in no time at all.

Charlie really is the whole package there is nothing this guy can’t offer, He will dance for you and with you, his vocabulary and noises are great, he just needs to be introduced a few times to new things then he will adapt very quickly. I am so sad I can’t apply for him myself because of our situation and anyone looking at rehoming would be over the moon with this amazing Grey.

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African Grey

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