Chester – Scarlet Macaw – 011123 & Shamus – Shamrock Macaw – 021123

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Macaw - Scarlet, Macaw - Shamrock
Comes With Cage: Yes
Gender Preference: Either
Country: England
County: Devon
Requirements: Must be an experienced home


Hello there, we are a dynamic duo of macaws on the lookout for a forever home.

I’m Chester, a 17-year-old scarlet macaw with a passion for exploration. My dazzling red and blue feathers make me quite the head-turner. My pal Shamus is a Shamrock Macaw, almost 20 years old.

We’re more than just cage mates; we’re a bonded pair that prefers each other’s company. We’re not too fond of being handled, but we will let you pick us up, once we’ve learnt to trust you. We’ll also accept food from caring hands. As a dynamic duo, we thrive on each other’s presence and love to show off our flying skills when let out to stretch our wings.

Our day involves exploring our huge double cage, munching on a variety of quality dried nuts, fruits, and seeds. We have a particular fondness for fresh red grapes and cooked parsnips. Seamus enjoys a bird bath a couple of times a week to stay fresh and clean.

As a bonded pair, we come as a package deal. We’re not too picky about our human companions, and we’ve experienced both quiet and busy households. I, Chester am rather fond of ladies with long blond hair and regularly try to woo one such visitor to our home. We don’t mind other animals; in fact, we tend to ignore them. Please, whatever you do, don’t separate us. We’ve formed a strong bond, and being apart would break our little birdie hearts.

So, if you are an experienced parrot carer (preferably with previous experience of macaws), have a large spare corner in your living room and a heart full of love, we’d love to entertain you with our lively parrot antics. We can’t wait to find a new home where we can spread our wings and share our colourful personalities with a loving family. Will you be our forever flock?

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Bird Type



Macaw – Scarlet, Macaw – Shamrock

Comes With Cage


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Must be an experienced home