Emerald – Budgie – 020722

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Budgie
Comes With Cage: No
Country: England
County: Staffordshire
Gender Preference: Either


Hi I’m Emerald, the little Budgerigar with the huge personality!

I’m tame and friendly and looking for a busy house with plenty going on for me to supervise as I will be the boss.

I like sitting on fingers, shoulders and heads, I’ll preen your hair if I can reach it. I enjoy stretching my wings with a good fly around every day but am equally content in my cage with my toys and my own reflection when you need your own space.

My favourite foods are a good seed mix and some apple, I will try other fruits and vegetables but apple is my favourite, I’ll eat it from your fingers if you’ll hold it for me.

I’ll need my own cage away from other birds when you are not around as I can be a bit of a bully, but will happily socialise with others given the chance. I’ve been at my safehouse with Cockatiels and Kakariki, who despite being larger than me, have all been shown who is in charge so you would have to keep an eye on me.

But I’m a happy little soul, chirping away to anyone who will listen and always up for some play time.

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