Jasper – Moluccan Cockatoo – 6520813

Must be a confident experienced home with no adjoining neighbours. Female carer.

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Cockatoo - Moluccan
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Hampshire
Gender Preference: Either


‘Hello Darling’ my name is Jasper, and I am a 9-year-old Moluccan Cockatoo. I am anybody’s bird but I do have a soft spot for the ladies, so a couple or female would be ideal for me.

I am bold, bombastic and have a very strong character, so I need someone who can be firm with me and maintain boundaries. I can become easily excited which is when I can push the boundaries and lose my head a bit. I am not nasty just full of life. I give the impression I am cocky and confident, but I’m actually secretly a bit of a wimp sometimes. I do need a lot of reassurance especially with new things.
I ‘can’ behave politely, I do step up and I love my snuggles. It’s getting me off you that can be the tricky bit! I can fly and love to do so. I am partly re-call trained, however, bird flu put a pause on my training, so I am a bit rusty. I am a more consistent and a much better-behaved bird when I had access to an aviary and can burn off lots of steam. I even put myself in the carrier, as I am so keen to get my outside play time. I will accept a harness if I am in the mood for a nice walk, however sometimes I grab it and run off instead.

I eat well and love my fruit and veg as well as my seed and pellet mix. I love stripping bark off the natural branches, this is a good work out for me and keeps me occupied for hours. I love wood toys and get through these quite quickly. I prefer to be sprayed rather than have a shower, I show my feelings by hiding on top of the door and refusing to come down.

As you would expect from a Moluccan, I am very vocal and can blast out ear piercing screams. I do love my music and will scream without it – even through the night. I do talk and say ‘Hello Darling’, ‘Hello Jasper’, ‘ fxxxing hell’, and other F bombs. I also blow kisses, make sound effect water bottle spray and water pouring noises.

I do live with other birds but due to my size and childish behaviour I cannot be trusted loose with my feathered companions. I am used to dogs but do not like them near my space at all.

I need a home where I can have a routine and a confident handler that can set boundaries, and won’t try to overpower me vocally, because I can shout louder and you won’t win. Instead, you need to be able to deescalate and go down a level, which I will then meet. My safe house mum is happy to discuss everything about me including tricks to calm me down and hand signals she’s taught me to help me calm.

I have a very large Rainforest Nova 2 double cage so please consider this before applying, as this is my home and I do not wish to be downsized. Given that I am one of the loudest parrot species, a flat or attached property would not provide a suitable home for me. But if you have a lovely home in an area where I am unlikely to disturb neighbours and you would love a pink fluffy cuddly boy to entertain, then I’m your boy !

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Cockatoo – Moluccan

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