Joey – Budgie – 110620

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Budgie
Comes With Cage: No
Country: England
County: London
City/Town: _


Hi my name is Joey and I’m approximately four years old.

My safe house mum says I’m a very pretty boy and I sing a lovely song. I used to belong to a little girl, but as she is growing up and their household is getting busier, they realised they weren’t the right home for me. I’m quite a shy little bird but will venture out of my cage occasionally and will land on your head or shoulder. I am very gentle, and like to have my head stroked, but can be a bit flustered when hands approach me quickly. Normally if I come out of my cage for a fly around, I will go back in of my own accord – I have a swing in there you see, which I really love.

I haven’t met another bird since I was in the pet shop four years ago. However, my safe house mum thinks it would be really lovely if I could go somewhere where there are other budgies, and hopes that i maybe brave enough to make friends with them.

The cage that i came with is more suitable as a travel carrier. So I would like a new, bigger cage please, that I can flit around in, and some new toys for me to preen and play with.

Thanks Joey

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