Logan – Cockatoo – 1270214

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Cockatoo - Lesser Sulphur Crested
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Devon
Gender Preference: Female


Hello everyone my name is Logan; I am a Lesser Sulphur Cockatoo my age is unknown but we think I am in my teens. I am a very friendly girl who loves nothing more than to go everywhere I can with you, just so I can be loved and I can love you. I love to show off my dance moves can you keep up with me? or teach me more??? I also like to sing with you, my safehouse mum is trying to teach us “if your happy and you know it click your beak” I just like to dance to it at the moment.

I am a very good flyer and will actively look and fly to you if you go too far or I will wonder around looking for you oh and I may shout for you, you can’t leave me behind I’m your baby and I need you. I am a talker and you will never forget my name as it’s my favourite word, “hello Logan”, “I love you baby” are my favourite phrases, but I can say much more.

My safehouse mum says I’m a fussy eater but I know what I like CASHEEEWS, but she’s sooo mean, she only gives me 3 and makes me find them. I do eat a little bit of my fruit and veg, playing with it is better though, have you seen how far I can throw my seed ( I secretly have a competition with my neighbour when they’re not looking), I do like to keep my family busy.

At the end of the day I like to sit down with you for my bedtime cuddles, I will make myself comfy with my head in your top, actually I do that all day hee hee.! My safehouse mum says that I need a busy but quiet family home so I can interact with everyone as I am a princess. I have a slight preference for female carers, and its important that other humans demonstrate their love for me, so I don’t overbond too much with my preferred human. I tolerate other birds (under supervision) but I’m a little diva, who can get a little jealous when not the centre of attention.

I’ve just noticed I haven’t told you I am a True cockatoo with my screams, I am loud but I make up for it with lots of snuggle time (please look up how loud we can get as I want my forever home not a pit stop)

Do you think you could be my forever home? I offer love, comedy, play and noise all I ask for in return is the same oh and lots of wooden blocks.

Lots of love

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Cockatoo – Lesser Sulphur Crested

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