Pablo – African Grey – 030823

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey
Comes With Cage: No
Gender Preference: Either
Country: England
County: Dorset
City/Town: Bridport


Hey there, lovely readers! My name is Pablo, but I prefer to go by Pabs. I’m here to share my story and, hopefully, find my forever family through Birdline. Life threw a few curveballs my way, and now I’m on a journey to find the perfect home. Let me tell you a little about myself!

I might seem shy and a tad nervous when you first meet me, but don’t let that fool you. Give me some time, and I’ll unveil the fabulous bird that I truly am. I have some extraordinary talents up my feathers! First and foremost, I’m a musical genius. If you whistle a tune, I’ll whistle it back to you, note for note. It’s like having a feathered orchestra in your home! But that’s not all; I’ve got a few words up my sleeve too. I’ll greet you with a hearty “hello poppet,” and I love to share the names of everyone I know.

Now, let’s talk about food. I can be a bit cheeky when it comes to meals. Sometimes, I’ll pretend not to like my fruits and veggies, hoping to score a taste of what you’re having. Sneaky, right? But it’s all in good fun! I have quite the gourmet palate. I do enjoy grapes, apples, watermelon, sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, and carrots. I even enjoy a bit of scrambled egg and wholemeal toast as a special treat. My favourite seeds are Johnson & Jeff low sunflower, and cashews are my ultimate treat. Oh, and here’s a quirky habit: I like to dunk dry food into my water bowl, so expect a slightly damp cage. I admit, I’m a bit of a messy eater.

Talking about water, I’m a fan of baths, especially in my water bowl. So, it needs frequent changing because I can get a bit messy. Lately, I’ve been enjoying a misting, especially now that I have space to stretch my wings.

Consider me the self-appointed safety monitor of your household. I take this job seriously, so I might chew on things that look suspicious, like table mats, upholstered furniture, and curtains. But don’t worry, I stay away from fixtures and fittings; that’s not my department.

Before coming to Birdline, I was an only bird and lived just with my human mum, and didn’t have the opportunity to engage much with other people. So, I’m a bit wary of new people, and particularly those male hatchlings they call boys. I’d feel more comfortable in a household with just grown-ups. I’m gentle and rarely bite, and even if I’m super scared, I’ll give you a warning nip first.

Coming out of my cage can make me a bit nervous, but my safe house family has been encouraging me. When I feel like it, I’ll pop out for an adventure. Most of the time, I return to my cage when I’ve had enough, but occasionally, I’ll let you carry me. You see, I like to save my energy for my daily extensive bell-ringing concerts, which I absolutely adore. My bell is my favourite toy, and I’d be lost without it.

I’ve got a brother bird in my safe house, and I enjoy his company, although we aren’t let out of our respective cages at the same time yet. So, if you have other feathered companions, I should fit right in. As for furry pets, I’m not sure how I feel about them. I like to make fun of the neighbour’s dog by barking and then having a good laugh, so maybe I’m not too scared of them.

I do love my beauty sleep, so it’s important to cover my cage at night, or I might throw a little party. In the morning, I enjoy a couple of hours of cage-free time, and I’m most active in the evening. Leave the radio on, and you might just catch me singing along.

I don’t have a gender preference for my new caregiver, but I would thrive with someone experienced who can continue to help me come out of my shell. I’m a bit nervous around older teenagers, so a calm and quiet household would be ideal. I’m eager to find a new mom or dad, so please consider fostering or adopting me. I promise you won’t regret it! I’m ready to fill your life with music, laughter, and lots of love.

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African Grey

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