Red – Congo Africa Grey – 020121

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey - Congo
Gender Preference: Either
Requirements: Must be the only bird
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: Wales
County: Monmouthshire


Hello my name is Red. I am a beautiful African Grey parrot and very confident around people. In fact I like everyone!

I am around 30 years old which means I am just entering my prime! They may say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but that definitely doesn’t apply to me – I love learning new things and exploring new places. I am one of the cleverest parrots you will ever meet – I can even work out how to unscrew nuts and bolts with my tongue! I am a little shy when it comes to talking around people at first, but when they are out of the room I talk a lot and I soon add new things I hear to my repertoire.

I am always up for a dance as soon as I hear singing, or whistling, or music of any kind! It’s best of all if it’s with people who will join in – I open my wings and bob up and down and whistle and sing… so much fun! I love to listen to music throughout the day and I get excited when I see the hoover.

In my Safehouse there are children and I like them, I get very excited when I see them. I really do like everyone. I don’t have a preference towards men or women, I like anyone who brings me my food, cleans me out or scratches my head – I’m an equal opportunities parrot!

I love to have my head scratched and am a very gentle girl. I do nibble and chew fingers, but only gently and If you do something I don’t like I squeeze a little harder to let you know, but not enough to hurt you. Sometimes I whip my head round really quickly to nibble a different finger and you might jump and think I was going to bite… but I wasn’t! – just another gentle nibble.

I currently live with 2 other Parrots and we spend a lot of time whistling to each other. I’ve now picked up the Adam’s Family theme tune, the MacDonald’s tune and a police siren; I like to learn new things. I have also been known to say the odd swear word (my Safehouse parents ignore me when I say naughty words and nobody has heard me say one for months now!). If I am let out at the same time as the other parrots, I don’t know how to behave and chase them about. I can look very fierce! I was an only parrot for 30 years. My safehouse people don’t think it’s safe to let us share a space.

I am a bit wary of stepping up onto hands – I won’t do it! But I hold my Safehouse dad’s finger so with a little more time and patients I think I can master this. When I come out of my cage I usually stay on top of it watching everything. However if there is a way to climb down or across from my cage to go exploring, I will! You’d better keep an eye on me, I am an explorer! Once I got a fright and flew across the room and landed with a bump. So, I can fly if I have to, but I think I need a bit more practise. I prefer to just go wherever I can climb or walk to.

When I came to my Safehouse I was scared of toys, as I did not know what they were, but now I love them and will keep myself entertained for hours if I have lots of good tools. Especially the babble ball that makes noises – this is my favourite toy (I will be bringing this one with me – you have been warned).

You will be pleased to know I am not an early riser; I don’t usually get up until about 9am to start my day. I do like to be covered at night when I go to bed, as this makes me feel safe.

When I came to my safe house I was on a seed only diet, but now I am on Harrison’s pellets and they are lovely and much healthier. I like to dunk them in my water bowl sometimes, like a biscuit! So I must stay on Harrisons pellets in my new home too. Fruit and Vegetables are a bit hit and miss with me – somedays I’ll eat them and other days I like to chuck them on the floor, but it’s all good fun

My safehouse people think I am an exceptionally sweet, funny, gentle and beautiful girl and someone is going to be very lucky to have me. If you think I could be the bird for you please apply for me, you won’t regret it. Just don’t forget all I ask is for lots of loving praise and patience.

Additional information

Bird Type



African Grey – Congo

Gender Preference



Must be the only bird

Comes With Cage