Ollie – Orange Winged Amazon – 010223

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Amazon - Orange Winged
Comes With Cage: No
Gender Preference: Either
Country: England
County: Hampshire


My name is Ollie, and I’m here to share my story and hopefully find a forever home. At just six years old, I’m a vibrant Orange Wing Amazon with a heart as big as my colourful feathers.

Originally purchased from a breeder in Southampton, I’ve spent the past six years living happily with my human family, enjoying the company of both male and female caregivers and the laughter of visiting grandchildren. My journey with Birdline began when my elderly owner needed to put his affairs in order, and despite my love for him, it was time for me to find a new nest. Currently under the caring wings of a compassionate female guardian in my safehouse, I’m ready to flutter into a new chapter.

Now, let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m not much of a step-up enthusiast, and I’m a bit sensitive about my feet being touched. Nevertheless, the allure of delectable treats can coax me back into my cage, where I love sitting on my favourite royal blue vet-wrapped perch.While I’m not a big fan of toys, a dangly keys parrot toy never fails to capture my attention I will need a new cage but have a travel cage and I will bring along my favourite toys for the journey.

I’m a gentle boy and have never displayed aggressive behaviour. Instead, I communicate my preferences by holding up a foot or gracefully moving away. I absolutely adore head tickles, willingly placing my entire head in your hand, for some affectionate stroking.

Life with me is a breeze—I remain unfazed by other small parrots and two curious cats I currently live with.  I’m a calm companion, occasionally treating you to my Amazon flock call, but the performance is always short-lived. Days with mere filled with moments of joy, such as saying a cheerful “Hellooo” and making cute chirpy noises, especially when munching on celery. I haven’t shown any destructive tendencies and prefer to spend my time in or on my cage or enjoying a good spray bath when the mood strikes.

I’m a good boy, who eats well.  I relish various seed mixes, fruits, celery, and pistachio nuts, the latter of which makes me gleefully flash my eyes with joy. However, I draw the line at pellets, berries, or those fancy Lafeber nutri-berries.I will flick the bits of food I don’t like onto the cage floor, for you to sweep up later.  If I see you eating I will go to my food bowl,  as it’s nice to dine in company.

I’m not a high-maintenance bird, enjoying a post-lunch nap and welcoming the freedom of an open cage door for a few hours each day. Bedtime is a cozy 8:00 PM, and during my safehouse mom’s work hours, I have the company of the radio or TV.

So, here I am, Ollie, a  charming and well-mannered Orange Wing Amazon, seeking a new family to call my own. While I may take a little time to adjust, with patience and trust-building, I believe I can be a delightful addition to a loving home. Could you be the one to open your heart and home to a green celery monster like me? I’m keeping my toes crossed in the hopes that you’ll consider submitting an application. Yours chirpily, Ollie.


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Amazon – Orange Winged

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