Sid – African Grey – 570417

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey
Comes With Cage: Yes
Gender Preference: _
Country: England
County: Nottinghamshire
City/Town: _


Hello my name is Sid, I am not sure on my age as this information was not passed onto my safehouse mummy and daddy but the vet thinks I am quite young (maybe 5). I am a friendly Congo African Grey, who loves my safehouse daddy so much, I love to stay with him on his shoulder and have a wander around the house and give lots of kisses, (I don’t like to stay on my cage once I know my surroundings). I do tolerate my safehouse mummy but have had a little bite in the past of her hand. I have had children around me in my safehouse but I find these a little scary and they make me uneasy with all their noise so I keep my distance.

I am still unsure of all my surroundings and get rather loud (like all African greys) when I get cross or agitated, my safehouse daddy has to give me a short time out with my blanket over my cage, (I find this comforts me) I like to talk when I think no one is listening and I do have a wide variety of words (some naughty) and sounds that I enjoy using to communicate. I love listening to music and having a good dance. I am picky with my food but I do like a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables daily.

I think I would really love to come and live with a nice couple who have experience with birds and who are confident in handling birds. I am just looking for that second chance to find that special man that will love me.

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African Grey

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