Taz- Congo African Grey – 090920

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey - Congo
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Merseyside
Gender Preference: Female


Hello my name is Taz

I am a 23-year-old male African grey

I have been quite traumatised in my past which resulted in me pulling my feathers out and causing damage to my chest area, But now I feel much better as I am in a nice calm home and so it’s now time to find my forever home with a lady who can spend lots of time with me. I love my safehouse Mummy, but unfortunately, I cannot stay here forever due to changes in her work commitments. I do tolerate men and children, but they must know that I only want to be handled by and sit with ladies! I would also very much prefer to be an only bird.

I can come across quite mean when you first meet me, but this is caused by fear, and when I get to know you, I love nothing more than sitting on your shoulder and watching television. I am a little character and I love to whistle and make sounds, I can also talk and burp but I do have manners and say pardon me afterwards lol ! I love being out of my cage as much as possible and I am a good boy as long as there is cardboard or paper for me to shred. If you don’t provide any, then I may try to find other things to shred, like your wallpaper. I also like to have the TV on to watch and listen to, its good company you know. I go back to my cage at bedtime like a good boy, and I prefer not to be covered

I do try and bite the spray bottle when I have a shower, but I secretly enjoy it and feel lots better afterwards. I love my food, I have pellets and seed and fresh fruit and vegetable, I don’t like pistachios though. My safehouse mummy says I’m such a good boy as I had a naughty diet beforehand with lots of sunflower seed but now, I only get a couple as a treat.

Please if you think you could offer me my forever home then do apply.
Much thanks


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African Grey – Congo

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