Tilly – Congo African Grey – 9871015

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey - Congo
Gender Preference: Male
Country: England
County: Somerset
Comes With Cage: Yes


Hello my name is Tilly and I am a beautiful African Grey of 25 +years.

I may have plucked a lot of my feathers but my character makes up it !  I really enjoy helping you have your conversations and I have a lot to say, I mimic loads of things I hear and  I can even help you call those four legged things in from the garden. I laugh a lot, because  I find you humans soooo funny, My safehouse mum says I make her day,  but that I don’t have an off button.

I’m looking for my forever home, someone that has a lot of time and patience so I can grow my confidence, I would also really really prefer a male primary carer, who i can hang out with and flirt with.  My safehouse mum is okay, I let her feed me and clean my cage but that is as far as she is allowed. I do like a tickle, but on my own terms as I am the lady of the manor and plus I still get a bit nervous.

Could you be the man of my dreams, and offer me my forever home>  I am the heart and soul of the party and  have a lot of love to give. All i need is your time, patience and love.

Additional information

Bird Type



African Grey – Congo

Gender Preference






Comes With Cage