Tuco – Blue & Gold Macaw – N92

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Macaw - Blue & Gold
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Gloucestershire
Gender Preference: Either


Hello, I’m Tuco the gorgeous Blue and Gold Macaw. I am 14 years young and loving life. I am looking for a forever family now after retiring from being one of Birdline’s star show birds raising awareness for the charity at events. I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to come over and see me?

When I came to my current safehouse I was quite bald, you see I have a bit of a plucking problem but my Safehouse Mum and the rest of the family have helped me to realise that life is better with feathers, and although I will still pull some out with their help and guidance, I remember to stop it.

So now that you know my faults let me share some good points about me. I am a happy girl who can have her moments at being rather loud but mostly I am quite chilled and comical. I take a bit of time to trust you but once I do you will be showered with cuddles.

When I am in a really good mood and the weather is nice my Safehouse mum puts my harness on and I go on outdoor adventures. I really love the outdoors because I get to stretch my wings and meet loads of new people.

At home I like to just chill on my cage watching all that’s going on. like watching tv with the family and love to laugh at silly programmes, I can talk but only do it when I want to, and I love to wolf whistle at the hoover when it’s on. At meal times I will try shouting for a bit of what you have and if I don’t get some, I’ll have a bit of a strop with my bell. My favourite food is dried banana chips and I love getting these as my treats. I like getting a shower with the spray bottle and I’ll open my wings wide for you to get them too. At night time I like to sleep on the big rope ring in my cage.

I share my home here with a small ringneck and as long as she stays off my cage all is good. I also live with 2 very big fluff balls, a Rottie and a Russian bear dog, that I love to throw treats out to and sit talking to for ages at a time from the safety of my cage.

My safehouse family call me their pretty big girl and I love the attention. I am happy to live with children over 7 and have no preferences between men and women, all I ask for is that you love me and care for me like I deserve. If you think you could be my forever family then please apply for me, I’d love to be home with you too.

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Macaw – Blue & Gold

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