Piper (Umbrella Cockatoo) S3 (Applications Closed)

Hello, my name is Piper. I am a 18 year old umbrella cockatoo male. I am a soppy birdy who loves all humans and I’m even OK with dogs. I love to have head scratches and tickles and if you can do my pin feathers then I will be your best friend. I like to sing and dance and often like to hang out on the top of my cage. I can say ‘hello piper’ andask for a ‘head scratch’ and I like to mumble a lot, if you agree with me, talk back and have a decent conversation with me that would be great! I loveolder children, even teenagers, but have never had the privilege to meet young ones.  I have a little African grey friend at the moment who I call to and she whistles back, I like this. I would love to have a home where I can have lots of attention and laughs. Although I do like my own time in my cage.

I will offer out my hand for you to hold through the bar for a while so you don’t go too far and can chill with me. Sometimes I get a little over excited and it’s best to leave me in my cage and let me have a funny five minutes and then I’m ok again. I’m not too keen on shoes, boots or hairbrushes, what’s the point in them? as I have feathers.

I love grapes and apples and peppers. I also like seed sand my humans gives me warmed up weetabix or porrage in the mornings which I love and will make little chirping noises. If you can spare me the time I love to be hand fed, yes I am a big baby.

Comes with cage? Yes

Location:  Devon

21 Comments on “Piper (Umbrella Cockatoo) S3 (Applications Closed)

  1. She sounds like the sweetest little angel, I have sent in an application please please piper pick us to be your new family!

  2. Application in! He looks so beautiful. And we are just down the road in Devon!

  3. Hi, I have the ideal home for Piper, I keep other birds as well anyway have a great life. I could also take his friend the African grey as well. Thank you Kim Pomroy

  4. Piper we really think you would love living with us. You will be s spoilt. Xx

  5. Hi. I applied to adopt Piper back in December. I haven’t heard anything yet. Do you know if someone will be contacting me please? Thank you. Carys

    • Yes, they get moved to “applications closed” when a home has been found

  6. Very interested in giving piper a good home I live in devon and had parrots all my life, our 2 children have fled the nest so we have plenty of time to give him the love he needs…I also have a cockatiel who he can chat to also, looking forward to a reply about him 😍

    • Hi there, that would be great. Join as a member, then fill out the rehoming application form, and instead of a bird Name , put “safehouse”. A member of the Rehoming team will then be in touch for a phone interview

  7. This bird is in the latter stages of rehoming which is why she is in applications closed. Thank you for all who showed interest in Piper

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