Piper (Umbrella Cockatoo) S3

Hello, my name is Piper. I am a 18 year old umbrella cockatoo male. I am a soppy birdy who loves all humans and I’m even OK with dogs. I love to have head scratches and tickles and if you can do my pin feathers then I will be your best friend. I like to sing and dance and often like to hang out on the top of my cage. I can say ‘hello piper’ andask for a ‘head scratch’ and I like to mumble a lot, if you agree with me, talk back and have a decent conversation with me that would be great! I loveolder children, even teenagers, but have never had the privilege to meet young ones.  I have a little African grey friend at the moment who I call to and she whistles back, I like this. I would love to have a home where I can have lots of attention and laughs. Although I do like my own time in my cage.

I will offer out my hand for you to hold through the bar for a while so you don’t go too far and can chill with me. Sometimes I get a little over excited and it’s best to leave me in my cage and let me have a funny five minutes and then I’m ok again. I’m not too keen on shoes, boots or hairbrushes, what’s the point in them? as I have feathers.

I love grapes and apples and peppers. I also like seed sand my humans gives me warmed up weetabix or porrage in the mornings which I love and will make little chirping noises. If you can spare me the time I love to be hand fed, yes I am a big baby.

Comes with cage? Yes

Location:  Devon

7 Comments on “Piper (Umbrella Cockatoo) S3

  1. She sounds like the sweetest little angel, I have sent in an application please please piper pick us to be your new family!

  2. Piper we really think you would love living with us. You will be s spoilt. Xx

  3. Hi. I applied to adopt Piper back in December. I haven’t heard anything yet. Do you know if someone will be contacting me please? Thank you. Carys

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