Jessie – African Grey – 011118

Hi all you people out there, my name is Jessie and I’m a beautiful African Grey.

I’m 5 years old so am still a young bird. I was handed into Birdline as I didn’t get on with a bird where I was living, so I need a home without any birds please. I am not really hand tame at the moment but I am sure with time that will come. I will bite to warn you off, so I need a confident man who will not be afraid of me and will help me to build my confidence with you human kind.I am not good with children so a home without the little ones would be fab.I am use to dogs and like them when they visit.

I can be noisy for an African Grey, but cant all us birds? I can speak and say “Night, Night”, “Come on” and other words too. I would like someone around a lot of the day to help me build my confidence. If you would like to offer me a home, please apply for me.

Cage: Yes

Location: Sussex

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