Abby – Galah Cockatoo – 600312

Requirements: Male primary carer.

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Cockatoo - Galah
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: Scotland
City/Town: Glasgow


Hi, I’m Abby, I’m adorable (as are all Galah Cockatoos).

I love to dance with anyone who comes to see me, I do like to strut my stuff on my big perch much like Tony Manero from Saturday night fever. I am at my happiest when I’ve got someone watching my moves and talking to me. I’ve been at my new safehouse for a few weeks and get on great with my safehouse Dad, I like to spend time outside my cage with him if its only me and him in the room I’m fine. I really do not like competition from anyone else, my dad needs to give me all his attention.

My safehouse has a dog that I am not bothered by and I live with 4 kids which is fine, but I am not out with them. I get lots of attention from them which makes me happy, they even dance with me. I do like to be sprayed/showered I even let you clean under my wings; I need to look my best of course. My safehouse mum showers and dries me. I let her do that even though I prefer my safehouse dad to her. I have attacked my safehouse mum too, so need an experienced Cockatoo home if I am to share my home with a lady.

I can’t stress enought that I am really not keen on ladies, so do need a man to care for me. I will fly to attack a female if I am on my safehouse dad and a lady comes in the room.

Additional information

Bird Type



Cockatoo – Galah

Comes With Cage