Charlie – Ducorps Cockatoo – C71

Female carer

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Cockatoo - Ducorps
Comes With Cage: Yes
Gender Preference: Female
Country: England
County: Gloucestershire
City/Town: _


Hi! My name is Charlie and I’m a 15 year old Ducorps Cockatoo.

I was Safehoused with my Safehouse mum in January 2022 after an emergency rehome due to family difficulties. My Safehouse mum and dad adore me and is really sad to not be able to foster me forever however they have lots of birds to care for – I am super clever, and really chatty. I’ll step up and come out of my cage straight away, have a natter and a play and then set off to destroy something.

I really love the ladies. My Safehouse mum is my favorite but I like her mum too. I’ll accept cuddles and scratches from her male partner but ideally he won’t interact too much with her whilst I’m out, because that’s MY time!

I’m a Cockatoo so I like a shriek but I don’t think I’m the worst cockatoo for it- I prefer to chat. When you come into the room I’ll say ‘hello Charlie’ and ‘how you doin?’. I do NOT approve of the hoover, and will shout at it, sometimes with the odd rude word. I’ll wolf whistle and I love singing and dancing. I have a little tired squawk which I do in the evening when I want my cover on. When you put me to bed I’ll say “I’m a good boy” and I like you to agree that I am. My best foods are banana pancakes (just egg and banana) and peas. I love shelling peas. I also enjoy chucking my seed all over the floor (who doesn’t?). I have a little bald spot on my tummy but my family has never seen my plucking. I need a lovely lady to adore.

Currently I live with my Safehouse mum and dad. I’m a handsome boy that just wants to adore one lucky lady (and tolerate anyone else in the family!).

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Cockatoo – Ducorps

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