Josie – 011223 – Congo African Grey

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey - Congo
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Devon
Gender Preference: Female


Hello there! I’m Josie, the newest chatterbox in town—a friendly African Grey parrot ready to charm your socks off! It’s been quite the journey for me. I used to live with my human mum for about 20 years until she couldn’t care for me anymore due to illness. Thankfully, the kind folks at Birdline swooped in and brought me to my safe-house mum’s place, where I’ve been getting cozy for the past few weeks.

Despite some initial adjustments, I’m doing splendidly! Sure, I arrived a bit underweight and with a few feathers missing, but with plenty of love and attention, I’m back on track. I love my Parrot food and I’m slowly warming up to the idea of fresh veggies—my safe-house mum is quite the persuasive chef! Oh, but let’s not forget about my favourite indulgence: walnuts and pistachios. Those treats make my feathers fluff with joy!

Now, when it comes to conversation, I’m quite the talker, although some of my phrases might sound like gibberish to my safe-house mum. But hey, she finds my occasional outbursts of “Alan” or “Meowwww” downright hilarious! When she’s working from home, I like to keep her company, exploring the floor and occasionally playing footsie under her desk. Stepping up and snuggling are still skills I’m perfecting, but I promise I’m a gentle learner—just watch out for the occasional warning nip!

As for playtime, I’m a bit of a novice. You see, I haven’t had much enrichment in my 20 years, but I’m eager to learn! My metal ball has captured my interest, and I’m slowly figuring out the ins and outs of my cage toys.

Currently, I have the room all to myself, but I’m eagerly anticipating meeting my feathery neighbours once my quarantine ends. And when night falls, I’m a model sleeper—just cover me up, and I’ll greet you with a cheerful “good morning” when you uncover me.

If you need to step out for some human errands, fear not! Just leave the radio on for me, and I’ll happily bop along in my cage until you return.

So, could I be the feathered friend you’ve been searching for? I’m hoping to find a long-term home where I can nestle in and spread my wings for good.

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African Grey – Congo

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