Raj – 120320 & Rani – 130920 – Cockatiels

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Cockatiel
Comes With Cage: No
Gender Preference: Either
Country: England
County: Berkshire


Hello my name is Raj and I am a male grey and white cockatiel who is 8 years old. My safe house mum calls me happy feet because I run up and down my cage floor like I am running the marathon, I’m a busy bird you see with lots to do. My favourite thing to do is shred paper into little pieces. My mum says I am a clever boy with my whistles as I love to wolf whistle and I can also whistle “If your happy and you know it”  tune. Mum says I have the sweetest tone of whistle and she likes to join in, will you join in too? Now let me introduce you to my flock mate Rani.

Hello my name is Rani and I am a female Lutino cockatiel. I am the calmer one of the two of us. I love eating and hanging out when I’m not busy shredding paper with my friend Raj. My safe house mum says I am very beautiful with a cheeky side because if she isn’t careful I can get out when she is cleaning my cage out! But she doesn’t mind us being out for a while.

A bit about the both of us…
We both love time out of the cage and we normally go back in of our own accord. But we can be lured in with a tasty treat when necessary. We have met some friends who come to say hello which we are fine with (the budgies) but mum keeps us away from the bigger birds for our own safety.

We both love our veggies, our favourites are peas, green beans, broccoli, corn on the cob and baby spinach. We also like seed, millet and the occasional boiled egg.  Mum gives us other veggies and fruits but we aren’t that keen but it’s best to keep trying. We love to shred paper and sometimes we wait at the door and hop down on the floor and help mum put new paper in. We love to have some attention from the big and smaller humans. We love to be together and so we come as a pair and would hate to be parted. We are really no trouble at all and want to find our forever loving home. We don’t cause any disruption in the human nest, we aren’t overly noisy, we are pretty calm. If you have space in your nest for lovely birds like us please apply for us.

Thank you for reading about us and we hope to meet you soon.
Raj and Rani xxx

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