Sam – Bare Eyed Cockatoo – 040919 – Companion bird

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Cockatoo - Bare Eyed
Comes With Cage: No
Gender Preference: Female
Country: England
County: Hampshire
City/Town: Fareham


My name’s Sam (as I will tell you) and I am a loveable Bare Eyed Cockatoo who is looking for some folks to call my own. I am a large, friendly, expressive but chilled chap who can say a few things to get you talking but overall, I am a quiet bird. Not a lot is known about me. I was in a house fire and the lovely fire brigade recued me. I am so grateful to them and so pleased to be alive. The vets gave me a good look over and I was fine, I just needed to be nebulised as a precaution.

I do not have a cage to call my own (as it was in the fire) but would enjoy a large one with a flat top for me to sit on. I prefer to be able to bob in and out of my cage as I like you see. I do not fly, and I really do not like to find myself on the floor. I have a selection of perches and some toys to bring with me though.

I am messy as I like to enjoy a good forage about in my dinner dish and some bits are good to play with. I am on a seed/pellet mix but am not overly keen on trying the fresh things. I like a good chunk of cardboard to chew and I also like to pull my bedtime cover through the bars to snuggle but will have a nibble of this too.

I live with an elderly dog here but have not batted an eye at her. There are other smaller parrots here and I do not mind them if they stay off my cage. There was a range of human age groups in my previous safe house although I liked my mum the best. My current safe house mum works and I seem to find this ok as she leaves the radio or tv on for us birds.

Well here is hoping that you would like the chance to hold my foot as we become great friends. I really am a big old goofy guy.

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Cockatoo – Bare Eyed

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