Clyde – Parrotlet – 011219

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Pacific Parrotlet
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: Scotland
County: Renfrewshire
City/Town: Paisley
Gender Preference: Either


Hi my name is Clyde and I’m a wee parrotlet of about 18 years of age.

I came to Birdline when my original owner became unwell and was not able to care for me anymore. My safehouse says that I am calm and quiet, and give cute little chirps from time to time. Apparently, I’m quite a fussy eater and only like my seed and the occasional bit of kiwi or strawberry.

I’m a sociable little soul and like nothing more than to come out of my cage and supervise goings on inside the home from optimum perch position, which is on top of my human’s head. That’s ok as my current human has hair to grip onto. If you have a close shave or are bald, then this perching solution turns into a fun rollercoaster for both of us ! I’m also equally happy playing in my cage, and can sit on my swing for hours, watching the world go by.

I’ve never shown any aggression, so would be fine with children. Dogs don’t spook me (but of course I should never be allowed out of the cage with a dog or cat is in the same room or in flying distance). I’ve also never shown any distress at being around other birds – but of course mixing with bigger birds could also be a danger for a little soul like me.

I’d be an ideal companion for someone who lives in a flat as I’m a quiet little cutie. Do you think you could give me the forever home I’m looking for? If so, please do apply for me.

Lots of Love
Clyde xoxoxo

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