Jo-Jo – Hahn’s Macaw – 040420

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Requirements: Female primary carer

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Macaw - Hahns
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Sussex
City/Town: _


Hello, my name is Jo-Jo, although I call myself Joe. I am a 7-year-old Hahn’s Macaw. I might be a little fella, but I have heaps of character and attitude to go with it. What I lack in size I make up in personality.

*Please read my write up thoroughly as I can be a naughty boy and am not for the faint hearted. I prefer women so no men please. Also, preferably I need a lady on her own *

Good bits about me. I have a lovely vocabulary such as “Hello Joe, Hello Little Fella, Wanna Cuppa Tea, Wanna Biscuit, Wanna Bath, Wana Go To Bed, Bye Byes, Thank you, Come On Then, Come To Mum, Alright Then, Is That Nice? Can I Have A Bit? Wanna Bit More, MMMMMM , Yum, Yum, Yum, Nice, No and more”. I also like to sing a bit too,” La La La”, my safe house mum will sing back and then it is my turn again…. “La Leeeee, Dud Dud Dud”, and repeat.

My safe house mum thinks I am really cute – Obviously!! But she says I have a sick sense of humour; the trouble is I find it really funny to bite. I will literally bite you and laugh. It’s funny when someone gets bitten right?!?! I do have a cracking little laugh especially for these occasions. Although I am bold and confident, I can be insecure and protective of my female human friends. I do not like being around more than one female when I am out and will nip you both to keep you away from each other or me. Sorry guys I really do not like men. So, I am looking for a single female home please. I do not mind you having friends over every now and then, best I do not come out when your entertaining. I am happy to interact with people through the cage but not when loose. I cannot guarantee I will not still nip through the bars though.

As you can see, I am a handsome little fella, but I did start plucking when my old mummy was ill, and she had to go and be cared for elsewhere. I found this stressful and I now have a bit of a habit of picking new feathers that may start to come through.
I do like to talk to humans throughout the day and have a conversation and a bit of a sing together. I am a really picky eater; I will currently only eat seeds by Johnston and Jeff low sunflower. My safe house mum has tried all sorts of this healthy stuff, but I am rather stubborn and like the seeds. I like my fresh water every morning for a bath – I will tell you when I ‘wanna bath’. ..then fresh water again for drinking. My safe house mum lets me out at different times through the day to make sure it is just us two because that is the way I like it. When I am a good boy, I like to sit on her shoulder for snuggles or will go on her knee for scratches and strokes, I do like to stroke myself with my foot at the same time. When I am good, I am super cute.

So, I would like a confident single female mum who does not mind getting a nip here and there. I would like to be your only bird and be in your living room. I like to look out of the window and see what is going on as well as having access to a tv for chill time in the evening with you. I can be a bit loud at times, but I am pretty good most of the time. I am pretty easy going about what time I come out, as long as I get out every day, I wouldn’t mind you working part time, full time might be a bit much as I have plucked previously due to being left for long hours. Once we bond I will be your special little fella forever.

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Macaw – Hahns

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