Mindy – African Grey – 6531012

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Must have another bird for company.

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey
Comes With Cage: No
Gender Preference: Either
Country: England
County: Devon
City/Town: Torquay


Hi, my name is Mindy and I am a sweet, quiet African Grey. I used to live with my life bonded partner, but unfortunately, they passed away and I am now alone, I am being very brave on my own and my safehouse mum says I’m doing great and being a super good girl! I don’t make much noise or talk, but I have recently learnt to copy sweet bird noises from outside.

I am an inquisitive Parrot, but I do get nervous and worried sometimes. I love a good dance, being talked to, and generally watching you around the home. I like spending time out of my cage when I choose to come out myself. I won’t step up on your hand if I’m in my cage. However, I will step up If I’ve been on an adventure and now want to go back to my cage. With time and attention I may learn to trust you to step up more often, but you will need lots of patience.

I have plucked my neck on occasions but not too badly, it’s does grow back, but then I like to have a little pluck of it again! My safehouse mum says I’m getting better at eating my vegetables, I like carrots, green beans, cucumber and I will demolish the occasional corn on the cob.

I will definitely bite you if you don’t respect my boundaries, but I am really a very lovely girl at heart. I do prefer my safehouse Mum to Dad, but only slightly, I don’t mind who I nip – hee hee hee ! I’d not like to live with young children as they might startle me. I like the company of other birds in the house, but not directly in my personal space.

I hear my safehouse mum tell dad what an easy good sweet Parrot I am. I will make a fabulous companion for someone who can give me lots of attention, on my terms. I like to be in the family room so I can observe all the action going on around me. I will be the heart of your home if you let me.

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