Monty – 780215 & Luna – 770215 – African Greys

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Hampshire


Monty and Luna are a lovely pair of African grey parrots. They are not bonded but have been together for a long time and must stay together.

Monty (Male) and Luna (Female) have come into Birdline through no fault of their own. They are wonderful birds and have been a pleasure to safehouse. Both are very vocal with lots of words, phrases, different noises and tunes and will pick up and imitate your voice perfectly. They are not at all noisy and it is lovely to listen to them whistle away and have us in fits of laughter with the things they come out with.

They are not very destructive but will have a chew on the sofa if you don’t watch carefully. Both love to walk around on the floor and have a nose around. Monty will seek out and peck your feet and toes if you are not quicker than him! They currently happily live in the same room as a pair of Alexandrines.

Monty is a plucked bird, there are signs of his feathers growing back but he will need lots of interaction and time to try to break this habit. He is sprayed with Optiplume to help soothe his skin. He does not fly well but he is always practicing, and his muscle strength is getting better. Monty loves to sit on the sofa and watch family life. He has a great appetite and will eat all of his fruit and veg, although he is not keen on nuts other than the occasional walnut. Monty slightly prefers men and will step up and happily sit on any man’s shoulder for as long as he can. He will step up for females – but only if he is in the mood.

Luna is a confident flyer. she will eat fruit and veg but only on her terms and can be picky, she is not keen on any kinds of nuts. Luna does have a messy habit of sometimes picking up her seed with her foot and throwing it on to the floor whilst looking at you. Luna seems to prefer females and will fly and sit on her safehouse mum’s shoulder and keep her company whilst she potters round the home. She will step up for men and let them give head rubs when in the mood, she is a lovely good-natured girl who loves nothing better than shredding paper, so you will need lots of till rolls!

Monty and Luna will make a great addition to any family, they are not fazed by noisy children but will imitate and copy their screeching. They’d love a busy family home to be a part of, or a home where their humans are around a lot of the time.

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